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" Imagined Realities" Solo exhibition in Amsterdam !!

" Imagined Realities"  Skyler Chen Solo exhibition in Amsterdam !!
 01 May to 15 May 2017 Quellijnstraat 80 Amsterdam
05 May 18:00 to 21:00 Opening
Imagined Realities: Does Utopia exist in an unfriendly world?


As new borders are created on a seemingly daily basis, in the post-Brexit post-Trump era, artist Skyler Chen tackles the concept of utopia and whether the term has any validity in modern society.
Imagined Realities showcases a nostalgic counterpart to today’s increasingly digital world with original depictions of ‘Peach Blossom Valley’: a 5th Century poem that describes human curiosity, mystery and exoticism.
Skyler’s subjects retreat into surrealist exotic dreams of circus performances and acrobatic feats, all while looking earnestly bored. They are dark and alluring, putting forth the Confucian ideal of harmony.
Join Skyler this Friday evening, from 6pm till 9pm, for the opening night of his exhibition in De Pijp and make your own utopia surrounded by hauntingly b…

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