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l"officel Art 2021 2022 Poland

Making TikToK of my birds in the summer Oil on Linen 140x140cm 2021

Making TikToK of my Cat in the summer Oil on Linen 140x140cm 2021

Eight Immortals Oil on Linen 140x190cm 2021

Born Gay to this World 122x183 cm oil on linen 2021

sunday dim sum oil on linen 80x100cm

秘密 Secret oil on Linen 40x50cm 2021

Waiting for a Grindr Date Oil on Linen 40x50cm 2021

Honey, is this your magazine ? Oil on Linen 40x50 cm 2021

afternoon tea with my Favourite magazine oil on linen 60x72cm 2021

I will stay if you dare oil on linen 110x110cm 2021

simple little things to cherish in life oil on linen 122x183cm 2021

Honey, would you set the table oil on linen 100x120cm 2021