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removing this mask oil on linen 100x120cm 2022

A MAN WITH HIS BLACK CAT Oil on Canvas 60x80 2017

在我们的王国 (参考文献 白先勇 孽子 第二章节) IN OUR KINGDOM (REFERENCE BY PAI HSIEN-YUNG CRYSTAL BOYS Chapter TWO) Oil on Linen 190x280cm 2022

不惑之年 Age of No-doubt (40s) Oil on Linen 100x120cm 2022

不要摧毁我的想象。 dont ruin my fantasy oil on linen 100x120cm 2022

春光乍泄 Happy together oil on linen 40x50cm 2022

柠檬, 水蜜桃, 杂志. Lemons, peaches and magazine oil on linen 40x50cm 2022

midnight dream Oil on linen 190x280cm 2022

Making Tiktok Oil on Linen 140x140m 2022

A letter to my parents 给父母的一封信 Oil on Linen 140x170cm 2022

Womxnly 玫瑰少年 Oil on Linen 140x140cm 2022

睡前故事 Bedtime story 100x120cm oil on linen 2022

早晨咖啡 moring coffee oil on linen 100x120cm 2021

小拇指 Little pinky oil on linen 110x110cm 2022

最喜欢的小说 favorite novel 53x65cm oil on linen 2022